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تحميل برنامج LanSpy 2014

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تحميل برنامج LanSpy 2014

تحميل برنامج LanSpy  2014

1 تحميل برنامج download LanSpy 2.0 2011

تحميل برنامج download LanSpy  2014

أليكم أحدث برامج الحاسوب و هو البرنامج الرائع LanSpy 2014 و تعتبر هذه النسخة أخر النسخ التي أصدرت ألى السوق و تعتبر هذه النسخة أفضل من النسخ السابقة حيث هذه النسخة مطورة عن النسخ الأخرى

LanSpy 2.0 – if we to you interestingly learn who works on the remote computer, what on the remote computer is established BY OS or simply to you it is interesting, when this computer was included, then you will be required program LanSpy. This program after several seconds investigates the remote computer and will reflect the information, which it could gather about the the Ger. LanSpy it was intended for obtaining the following information about the remote computer: Ping the domain name NetBios names MAC address information about the Server information about the domain (working group) the controllers of domain remote control time disks transports users the connected users global groups the local groups of tuning safety the divided resources of session the open files services processes list the periodical of events TCP ports UDP ports program LanSpy works in Windows of 2000/.khp/200e. LanSpy it willhelp about the remote computer to learn all or almost everything


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